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Extraordinary Charisma From the moment you set foot in Sayulita, you will discover that is beach town is truly unique; it is a place where life and time seem to pass at their own pace. As you wander the tranquil streets of town, you will see other visitors from all over the world. On each corner you will see that this fishing village has been blessed with a cosmopolitan influx of tourists, making it a simply marvelous destination.

Always lively, a typical day in Sayulita is met with a flurry of excited vacationers on surf boards and 4x4s taking off or coming back from another incredible adventure.

Every day more and more young travelers are choosing Sayulita as their preferred destination; they are drawn by the  powerful waves perfect for outdoor adventure. When you visit Sayulita, you will find gourmet restaurants and rustic diners interspersed along the same street or huddled together on the beach front. It is common to see sophisticated boutique hotels alongside simple bungalows or even campgrounds, making for a unique and multi-faceted experience.