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Remember the fresh bread Mom use to make? The smell filled the home and you just could not wait to get your hands on it while still warm? Still looking for that? The best bakeries reside right here in Nuevo Vallarta! With years of experience, and recipes from around the world that are shared, make sure your trip includes visiting our famous bakeries.

Nuevo Vallarta offers Cafes, many of them are actually restaurants or bakeries, some overlook the ocean, others have WI-FI available or sell books. Either way, you will find your favorite way to sip on a special coffee just the way you like it!

Starbucks Coffee (4.9 out of 5 rating)

What trip is complete without taking a few moments to view palm trees, the ocean, sandy beaches and of course your favorite special coffee at Starbucks at Paradise Plaza in Nuevo Vallarta

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D Stock Gourmet (4.2 out of 5 rating)

The smell of fresh homemade bread welcomes you as you enter the air-conditioned D Stock Gourmet Deli in the Residences Plaza.

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