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A tip is a gratuity which is a small amount of money that is rendered voluntarily as a token of appreciation for a service. Here in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico, many depend on these tips given by the customers for good service and friendly help.

Many would feel confident of tipping in a restaurant, but there are situations where people feel far less secure when it comes to the question of offering a tip.

Thank you for tipping generously!


Tipping Hotel / Bar

  • A tip should not be inappropriate, too generous or insufficient. There are some basic guidelines that help to tip appropriately in almost any situation.
  • If a coupon or gift certificate is being used, the tip has to be calculated on the total before discount.
  • Keep small bills and change on hand. An employee shouldn't have to miss out on a tip because you only have large bills.
  • It is best that you confirm any of the information listed below, I am usually right but my partner isn’t. Ask the concierge at your hotel for any special circumstances.

Bartender - Could be 10 to 15% of the total drink bill. If a bar is generally crowded, a generous tip after every round should be good. If the bartender sends a complimentary drink, half the value of that round should be offered as tip.

Delivery person - Could be tipped 10% minimum.

Restaurants - Tipping is generally 15-20% of the bill

Baggage handling - $10 Pesos (about $1 USD/CAD) per bag with a min handling fee of $20 Pesos. A bus driver could be tipped $10 to $20 Pesos if luggage is handled; a chauffeur 10% to 15%, a porter could be tipped $10 Pesos per bag.

Housekeeper - Could be paid $20 to $50 Pesos per night.  Avoid lump sums at the end of your stay as the current housekeepers might not be the one that made your perfect bed during your stay! 

Parking Valet - an be tipped $20 Pesos, though some may suggest up to $50 Pesos.

Room service - can be tipped $20 Pesos, though some may suggest up to $50 Pesos.


Taxi – If they assist on baggage or do something extra for you, a tip is always appreciated, $20 to 50 Pesos minimum.  Some routes have a standard flat fee to or from the airport.

Bus Tour - It is customary to tip both the host and the driver/captain. 10% of the tour price is standard.


Grocery store – Baggers appreciate tips, a few bags of groceries it is suggested $5-$10 pesos (0.50-$1.00), a little more if you have a mother load of groceries.  The baggers are often school children or the elderly and they do not make wages, only tips. The local government has a program in place where young people (younger than most are accustomed to) have a chance to develop skills outside school environment.

Gas station attendant – $5-$10 pesos per fill.

Delivery person - for individual home food delivery, 5% to 10% of the total bill should be sufficient. For non food deliveries like flowers, it could be $10 Pesos or more depending on the size of the arrangement.

Hair stylist or a Barber - could be tipped 10% to 15% of the bill amount, A stylist at a salon could be tipped 15 % to 20% of the total bill and a colorist 15% to 20%.

Manicurist - 15%

Spa Service - 15% to 20%, While at a Spa, a massage therapist could be tipped $50 to $100 Pesos per massage, an aesthetician 10% to 20% per service, and spa attendants about 5% of the total bill at the front desk.

Shoe Shiner - $20 to $30 Pesos

Best of Nuevo Vallarta guys (Troy & Randal) always appreciate a tip or a cold Cerveza!