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Safety in Mexico

Since Bucerias is far from the border, it is much safer here than many US or Canadian Cities. Caution and common sense is always advised wherever you go. Everywhere you go there is good and bad, there is always someone trying to take advantage of someone else. Its why most people lock their doors, use alarm systems. Unfortunately, some countries have made it a habit to create fear in other countries for the purpose of keeping people home. Do not let these reports fool you, millions are coming to Mexico every year for vacations and having a great time - and safe too!

TIP: Drugs are illegal in Mexico. You could face a large fine, or imprisonment of up to 25 years if convicted of an offence (might be longer than you planned on staying).


If you believe everything you read, you would think that even the animals in Mexico are armed to the teeth.

Avoid drugs and you will avoid possible violence. Avoid Mexican women and you will also avoid violence with an overly protective family member!

Travelers will find Bucerias to be a safe place. Being a tourist town, the locals depend on the tourists for their living and therefore the tourists are safe. If in doubt, consider looking into travel advisories before you travel or better yet just ask the many visitors that spend time here every year!