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To Maintain the Traditional Architecture and Local Charm of Bucerias - Investigation and Action Committee

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Preservando Bucerias

We are a group of local residents, property owners, and business owners of Bucerias who are concerned with future building and construction changes that could alter the charm and accessibility of Bucerias. Our Mission is to work with government officials and agencies to enforce architectural, building, and development codes that specifically address the preservation of the charm and “small town” image that Bucerias is known for. This effort is also intended to raise community awareness of the laws and codes now in place.

In addition, we are also concerned about the environmental impact that large, high-rise and high-density projects have on Bucerias. Issues such as traffic, parking, public safety, infrastructure, habitats, ecosystems, and views need to be addressed. The traditional style of architecture found in Bucerias with its low-rise, low-density buildings, beautiful beaches, and small town charm is what draws thousands of tourists to the area each year, and keeps the local economy alive and thriving.

Our target area includes all land from the east side of Highway 200, west to the ocean; and from The Royal DeCameron on the south through Los Picos (Playas de Hunanancaxtle) on the north. Codes of development may include such issues as height and density of new construction, utility services and requirements, road improvements for pedestrian and vehicular safety, improved walking, bicycling, and horse trails, lighting, and signage to identify for all citizens the “Windows to the Beach” and other landmarks and public facilities.

We look forward to responsible development - one that reflects the style, size, density, accessibility, and safety of the community while preserving the land both within and around future development. Enforcing current building codes will enhance and maintain the charm and comforts of the area and, support tourism, maintain our economic vitality, and keep the beaches and town accessible to all.

Please fill in the form below expressing your support to preserve and protect Bucerias.

Feel free to contact any of the people below for more information:

Leo Zanoni
Lazaro Cardenas 65, Zona Dorada
Bucerias, Nayarit
Armando Garcia Suazo
Agustin Melgar 36 Local 3, Zona Dorada
Bucerias, Nayarit