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Moving to Mexico

Not everyone likes the cold! Moving to Mexico is a chance to warm up the feathers so to speak and enjoy a little paradise.  Many North Americans (Yes, this includes those from Canada, US and Mexicans) are coming to Bucerias to enjoy its coastal beaches & warmth.  Some are not aware it falls on the same latitude as does Hawaii!  If you enjoy palm trees, endless beaches and gorgeous weather most of the year – this is the place to be.


Buying Property in Mexico

Buying a property in Mexico can be an excellent investment -- especially if you plan to live in Mexico long-term. It is a common misconception that foreigners cannot own real estate in Mexico, but the reality is that they can.


Aquaint yourself with the buying and selling process, and finding a good agent and notary, you will likely have a smooth and easy experience purchasing a property in Mexico.


Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate and Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

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"If Mexico's secretary of tourism, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, can move tourism's contribution to the nation's gross domestic product (GDP) up 1 percentage point, to 9.4%, by the end of President Enrique Pena Nieto's term in 2018, she will have elevated tourism to be the third-largest contributor to the country's economy, up from fifth place.

"Under the leadership of Tourism Secretary Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Mexico’s tourism ministry is undertaking several initiatives to bolster its offerings.............(including) a $10 million marketing effort will combine Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit".

Information about moving to Mexico

Question & Answers

  • Are there any good jobs?
  • How does income tax work if you work remotely?
  • How does banking work in Mexico?
  • Can you explain how you phone Canada at a very low cost?
  • How do we get High Speed Internet?
  • Is it easy to have a Canadian vehicle in Mexico?
  • How is the health care in Mexico?
  • How are the dentists in Mexico?  

D.P.: Are there any good jobs for us, we are professionals with degrees?

The easiest way to work legally in Mexico is to get sponsored by a Mexican company or foreign company with offices in Mexico. They will usually help you get the right permits before you come to Mexico. You basically can't come down here and take a job that a Mexican would be able to do. Having a degree will surely help giving you a "special skill." Many foreigners end up in real estate or selling time shares. If you can have income from abroad, for example working remotely using the Internet, then you don't need to worry about it. Just be warned that wages are very low for many jobs here.

S.P.: How does income tax work if you work remotely?

If you get paid from a Canadian company, simply pay your Canadian income tax.  Same for the US.

How does banking work in Mexico?

I personally use the Royal Bank and online banking and use bank machines to take money out in Pesos. The cost of the transaction is usually $0.75 (much better than the $2.00 those little machines steal from you back in Canada!) and you get a reasonable rate. Do not bring US money if you are Canadian, since you will have paid to convert it to US and then pay again to convert it to Pesos. US singles are great for tips though. You can open up a bank account here, and this might help if you go for your FM3 permit.

C.A.M.: Can you explain how you phone Canada at a very low cost?

Many use Skype to keep in touch. You can get a local number (called Skype In) for many major cities, so people can call you without paying long distance. Skype to Skype means both you and the person you are calling have a free Skype account and that is completely free. All you need is a computer, headset (recommended) and high speed internet. You can buy credits to call regular phones (Skype Out) in Canada and the US, and the rate is around $0.02 per minute.
I personally use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) through a softphone. If you have a business back home, I can help you choose the right VoIP solution for your needs. If it is for personal reasons, you might be able to use one of the many hosted VoIP services online.

C.A.M.: How do we get High Speed Internet?

High Speed Internet is quite easy to get. TelMex offers DSL service for about $30 USD per month (plus about $15 for a phone line). Its 1 MB download and 128k upload. This is very basic, but enough to do Skype...although I would love a little more upload speed. The only problem with TelMex is the length of time it takes to get a line. You will have to return to the TelMex store many times. Make sure you have your order number and your assigned phone number when you do your order.
You can also get Cable Internet also, but some say it is not reliable, and is not available everywhere. I assume it varies from place to place. Find out what your neighbors use.

J.C.: Is it easy to have a Canadian vehicle in Mexico?

When you cross the border, you will need a permit for your vehicle. This costs around $30 USD and it is best to use a Credit Card. This allows you six months, then you have to take your car out of the country or pay a huge fine. If you want to avoid taking your vehicle out every six months, you should consider getting your FM3 which allows you and your vehicle to stay past 6 months. You are allowed one vehicle per person. I brought in my truck and trailer on the same permit. Make sure you have Mexican insurance because you are not covered by your Canadian Insurance.

How is the health care in Mexico?

Mexico has very good health care. Care should still be taken in choosing the right place for you. For us, we wanted at the very least a doctor who spoke English, and since we don't have insurance, we wanted reasonable costs. Here is a little story to illustrate the differences in costs. My mother had an issue that required an ultra-sound, blood tests and of course the consult. Her bill came to about $1,000 USD. My wife had a different issue but required basically the same tests. The tests were under $100 and the doctor's visit was $35 USD...but we haven't paid it yet. She keeps saying we will pay later. The best part of this is how long it takes. My wife called in the morning, got an appointment for that very afternoon. We were sent to tests that very night, but the place was closing, so we returned the next morning at 7:00 AM. We got the tests done (ultra-sound and blood test) and were told that by around 11:00 AM the results would be ready. We went for coffee and returned at 11:00 AM, picked up the test and got another doctor's appointment for late afternoon. Appointment done, diagnosed, prescription in hand, done by suppertime. Go to Sam's Club, pick up the meds (close to Canadian prices...very reasonable) and back home. Although it took all day, we waited very little. Most of the day was spend browsing the shops in Puerto Vallarta, having coffee at Starbucks, etc. Speedy and professional is how I would describe our experience.

How are the dentists in Mexico?

Like the doctors, dentists are fast, professional, but best of! Some find that what they save on dentist costs here in Mexico pays for their whole trip! While in Mexico...take advantage of it, get some work done. Many like to get a whitening treatment at a small fraction of the cost! My dad got one of his teeth capped in gold. He didn't go for the diamond option on his front tooth...not rapper enough :).

Hope this helps,