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Entry into Mexico for Tourists

You will need the following 3 documents in order to enter Mexico:


1. Valid Passport
2. FMT (Tourist, Business), Residence card if you have one.
3. Custom's declaration form

The government of Mexico requires current proof of citizenship, a photo ID and a valid passport for entry into Mexico.

TIP: Carry a photocopy of your passport and keep the original in a safe place and make sure your passport does not expire within 6 months or you might be denied entry into Mexico, even for shorter visits!

You will need an FMT (Mexican Visitor's Permit) which is valid for up to 6 months. If arriving by plane, you will be provided with one to fill out.

TIP: It is very important to keep your Tourist Permit in a safe place for you to leave the country. If lost, you need to apply for an exit permit (about $50 USD) and you might miss your flight!

The FMT fee is approximately $25 USD and is usually included in your airline ticket. If you arrive by land, you will be required to pay this fee. If you arrive via a Cruise Ship, you are exempt from this fee. If you lose your Tourist Permit, visit Immigration and pay the fee at the bank and you will be ok.

You will also be required to fill out a customs declarations form.

Entry into Mexico for Business

For business trips under 30 days, you can use the same FMT as the tourists, but simply fill out the business section. If you plan to stay longer than 30 days for business, you will need special permission.