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It’s about having a vision.

Most of us love to explore, those that have traveled to Nuevo Vallarta or Bucerias area have discovered the clear blue skies, endless beaches and terrific hospitality and all that the surrounding area has to offer. There are also those that have made the leap to come stay here permanently who share a wealth of knowledge of the area.

Our goal is to share these experiences with others and for you to give the reasons why you will come back.  It will also provide honest feedback to those who work so hard to make your stay a successful one. The site allows us to forward any reviews from this site directly to Management, this helps our local establishments use this honest feedback to improve or build upon their hard earned reputations.

We thank you for your contributions and encourage you to forward our site to friends to learn more of the area.

How it got started

There are some areas more popular than others. Many of us have landed in Puerto Vallarta (PV) on vacation, not really getting the chance to see the charm of the surrounding towns.  Once we came here we could not leave.  This area is special, we moved to nearby Bucerias - a quaint little village just 20 minutes away from PV, but with plenty to do.  Please check out our surrounding areas page to see the beauty that surrounds Nuevo Vallarta and take your time discovering our pages about Riviera Nayarit. We have been here a few years now and with both of us bringing our kids down to this great place, our family's love it too!  The swimming, beaches, tacos (oh the tacos), the local restaurants and even school.

  • We liked it so much we wanted to help promote it. So we started & now we are promoting Nuevo Vallarta too.

How you can help

We recently added a PayPal Donate button.  We are strictly looking for alternate ways to cover costs to help us continue to improve our website and make it more informative for you. The donation program will  also take off some of the pressure on the local businesses who would like to advertise on our site but are struggling with the current tourist economy. They work so hard to make our vacations special and memorable that we would like to return the favor. 
If your heart impels you,
we gratefully accept.

Weird guy on the right is Randal.  

When you come down, look us up! or contact us here!

See you at the beach!

Troy & Randal (crazy one on the right)

 What others are saying!

Best_of_Bucerias_Testimonials“Planning each day of your trip to Riviera Nayarit will absolutely improve your vacation experience. Best of Nuevo Vallarta and Best of Bucerias are the perfect tools on the internet to get fresh planning ideas to the destination.

We thank the editors for their contribution on making our visitors planning process so simply and fun”- Marc Murphy – Managing Director, Riviera Nayarit CBV


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We want to add more but Mom says its bragging!